Funds, which comprise of mutual funds and unit trusts, are professionally managed by investment schemes that pool the money of individual investors together to invest in different markets and investment tools with a specific objective. Imperium International Securities Limited offers a wide range of funds, including equity funds, bond funds, money market funds and balanced funds. You may choose the ones in accordance with your attitude to risk and investment goals.


Key Features

Professional Management

Run by professional fund managers who are obliged to identify the best investment opportunities and manage risk according to the pre-set investment objective.

Access Worldwide

Due to high transaction cost, lack of time and market access, individual investors may find it difficult to invest in foreign markets. By investing in funds, you can access the overseas investment opportunities.


Funds maximise the diversification in your investment portfolio, that is, the gain of one investment can be used to offset any loss in another due to unforeseen economic, political and investment factors.



Hong Kong Investment Funds Association